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Your sales kit will arrive within 3 business days of contacting us.  Sell for 12-14 days.  Turn in your totals.  Soup can be delivered with a week!  (Lead time is based upon your number of sellers.  Orders of 600 or more units may require a few extra days.)

Soup fundraisers are available in our service area - Michigan's Lower Peninsula and Northern Indiana.

Onion Crock Soup

So uniquely different! Our home-style soups are frozen at the peak of flavor, making them so much fresher-tasting than canned!  Full strength, simply heat and enjoy. Offered in two sizes: 16 oz. ("a meal for one, lunch for two") and 64 oz. (family size, 6-8 servings).
You set the selling price.  16 oz. pouch raises 40% profit when sold at $3.75 each.

“The soup was an easy sell… everyone at work really liked the convenience of a quick, tasty lunch."

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